The Demolished City Hospital

In 1861, the James Renwick, Jr.-designed City Hospital opened to the public. The building was situated directly north of the Smallpox Hospital structure (in today's Southpoint Park) and could house roughly one thousand patients at a time. In 1957, however, the hospital closed and, like the Smallpox Hospital building, fell into great disrepair.

Architectural rendering of the City Hospital, Library of Congress

The City Hospital, which was later renamed Charity Hospital, was demolished in 1994, Library of Congress

A significant building, both historically and architecturally, the building was included in the National Register of Historic Places. By the early 1990s, the building had fallen into such disrepair that it was deemed unsafe. In 1994 the building was demolished.

Rich architectural detailing at the building's entrance, photo taken a few years before the building was demolished, Library of Congress

Exterior and Interior Archival Photographs of the City Hospital